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Blogs We Love: This Is Glamorous


As Skirt’s go-to social gal, I’m constantly browsing for different blogs of the fashion, beauty and lifestyle variety. With so many sites out there, it really takes something special to catch my eye. I pick my blog roll like I pick my dates – they have to look good, but there also needs to be something deeper. Well, I found my soul mate in “This is Glamorous,” the utterly fabulous lifestyle site devoted to all things…you guessed it…glamorous!






Aside from the stunning pictures and editorials, my absolute favorite feature is the “Great Love Stories” column. Dedicated to stylish celebrity couples of the past and present, this is no Us Weekly column but rather, a heartbreakingly beautiful and thoughtful study on what true romance looks like. To Roséline, the chic tastemaker behind the site, may I just say thank you for always brightening my day and my computer screen!

What blogs inspire you? 


Blogs We Love: Cheetah is the New Black

Here’s a confession: I’ve always wanted to have really dark hair and perfect porcelain skin that would lend itself to instant French girl chic. So naturally, my favorite blogger is someone who is just that. Enter Alicia Lund of “Cheetah is the New Black.” I always look forward to her posts, which are the perfect blend of her travel diaries, latest looks and beauty must-haves.

I adore the way Alicia manages to make even the most laidback sweatshirt or boyfriend jeans look impeccable, and her handbag collection is to die for.

Clover Canyon is one of my favorite brands – can’t get over their extravagant prints! I love how Alicia chose this one with a more modest fit, and balances it out with tough black accessories; of course, that Celine bag doesn’t hurt.

These posts are always my favorite for quick, weekend style inspiration.

Alicia’s latest trip to Italy made me reminisce of when I studied abroad…I’m now dying to go back more than ever!

Who is your favorite blogger for inspiration?




Blog We Love: Oracle Fox

As anyone who knows me will attest, I have a penchant for the Land Down Under (pronounced Down Un-dah). With the exception of Vegemite, I’m a fan of pretty much everything Oz has to offer, so you can imagine my delight when I discovered Oracle Fox, an array of fashion musings and inspirations from Queensland native, Amanda “Mandy” Shadforth. A photographer and visual artist, Mandy balances high-end fashion with personal street style and stunning imagery like this and this.

In true Australian fashion, Mandy’s entire aesthetic is effortlessly chic and classically cool. And since she’s always two seasons ahead of us here in the northern hemisphere, Oracle Fox keeps me perpetually excited about seasonal changes all year long.

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Blog We Love: Heart of Chic

Our next featured Blog We Love hails from right here in the Windy City. Arin Agase of Heart of Chic knows what’s up when it comes to all things glamorous. Although she is newer to the blogosphere, Arin is no stranger to fashion. Her style is a blend of Midwestern charm with a city twist and she is always perfectly accessorized from head to toe. Not only does she post outfits that are perfectly on trend, but she also has us lusting over everything from vacation destinations to home décor.

If you haven’t already, we absolutely urge you to check out “Heart of Chic”. And Arin, you keep doin’ what you’re doin’!


Blog We Love: Atlantic-Pacific

It’s true. I have a serious girl crush on Blair Eadie. Like big time. Ask anyone I work with…my fiancé…my girlfriends, and they’ll confirm it. The ever-so-stylish Ms. Eadie and her blog, “Atlantic-Pacific,” are hands-down my number one sources for fashion inspiration.  I’ll never forget when I first discovered Blair through her feature in “Who What Wear” (another blog in my top five) and realized that I’d finally found my style soul mate. Seriously though, with her preppy chic, girly-glam yet ever-so-edgy style, I found someone whose fashion sensibilities were the closest to mine I’d ever encountered. The girl can do no wrong in a sea of OOTD bloggers. She stands head and shoulders above the rest with a clearly defined personal style that is effortless, interesting and timeless.

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