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5 Ways to Beat the Midday Slump

The dreaded 3 p.m. lull… I’m all too familiar. Late night events and early morning TV segments come with the territory when working in public relations so I’ve definitely fallen victim to the midday slump on more than one occasion. That said, I’ve discovered some tricks that help me perk my energy back up to power through the day, without reaching for the caffeine.

Image via: @SarahShermanSamuel

Get Moving
Leaving the confines of your workspace can provide some great mental clarity and make you more creative and productive in the afternoon, so weather permitting, I love to move my internal touch-bases to outdoor walking meetings.

Create an Awesome Afternoon Playlist
An awesome playlist can be the best mini escape from the office. Listen to a couple of your favorite tunes for a few minutes and then come back to work feeling refreshed and ready to take on the next task.

DJ Khaled would vouch, hydration is key! An ice cold glass of water has proven to be just the shock my brain needs to perk up quick.

Grab a Healthy Snack
Hit up the office snack reserves for a little pick-me-up. A granola bar or a bowl of fruit are an easy, healthy choice.

Two words: Puppy pictures
Need I say more? I’ve never met a puppy GIF I didn’t love.


Tell us your favorite tip for beating the midday slump.

3 Killer Career Tips – Expert Advice from SIMPLY NYC

SIMPLY NYC is an inspiring conference jam-packed with industry expert panels and breakout sessions presented by the women and men breaking ground in the fashion, beauty, blogging and tech world. Although this conference was filled with tons of amazing inspo, we’re sharing our top three tips for young professionals hustling to make their mark on the industry.

Photo courtesy of @MrsRodial

“Always look your best and celebrate wins as much as the losses.” – Maria Hatzistefanis, founder and CEO, Rodial

Photo courtesy of @nastialiukin

“Never quit after a bad day. Ask yourself if you want to quit on a good day and if your heart is still in it.” – Nastia Liukin, Olympian and Grander Sports Founder

Photo courtesy of @becaalexander

“Get your sh*t done on time and work harder than the person next to you.” – Beca Alexander, Founder & President of Socialyte

BONUS TIP! From our favorite meme-queen:

“Look what your competition is doing… And do it better.” – Claudia Oshry, Girl With No Job

Share your killer career tips in the comment section!

Newsletters We Love

For me, my morning is not complete without a large cup of coffee and a few minutes to browse headlines and catch up on any major political, fashion or entertainment news. These are my go-to newsletters that kick off my morning.

The Everygirl
The Everygirl is a resource for living a healthy, meaningful, and fashionable life. It is filled with articles on my favorites topics including travel, fashion, and of course food. I always browse their city guides for inspiration on where to book my next trip.

A Cup of Jo
This witty lifestyle blog has been a longtime favorite of mine. Joanna Goddards’s approach to relationships, and life in general, is refreshing and insightful.

Who What Wear
Who What Wear is a staple in the Skirt office and is referenced on a daily basis. Their elevated content is the perfect combination of fashion news, how-tos, and celebrity style guides. It’s almost impossible to not end up shopping on the site at least once a day!

Tricks of the Trade: Fonts on Fonts on Fonts


As Skirt’s Social Media & Creative Associate, I spend a lot of time creating custom graphics for our clients. These projects range from branded quotes for Instagram to event invitations and signage – I’ve even designed custom stickers! While many brands come to Skirt with strict design guidelines, I am able to play around a bit with others – this has only increased my obsession with finding the perfect fonts. While I could (embarrassingly) go on about typefaces for hours, I’m sharing my top favorites for my fellow font fanatics.

Casey_Favorite Fonts

Sleek & Chic: Neutraface
Great for quote graphics, event invitations, and press materials such as fact sheets and visual press releases.

Stylish Script: Madina Script
Gorgeous calligraphy-style font that adds a hint of modern elegance to any project.

Classic: Modern No. 20
A strong serif font is a must and this one looks sophisticated in any form.

Fresh & Fun: Violetta
I wish my handwriting looked this good!

What are your favorite fonts?


Tricks of the Trade: Business Trip Tips


Last month I got the news that I was going to be traveling to sunny LA for an event with a client, and to say I was thrilled would be an understatement. While I was excited, I have to admit that preparing for my first business trip was a daunting experience. The key to success? Travel light and strategically. Here’s a list of must-haves that will help you get through your first business trip like a pro.

Tote: You need a bag that easily fits your laptop and a file folder. A file folder is essential to hold all of your itineraries, client fact sheets, as well as a run of show for your event.

Emergen-C: Traveling can be tough on your body. Prevent yourself from catching any airborne bugs by pumping up your immune system as you travel.

Comfy Shoes: If you’re a heels girl like me, make sure you always carry a pair of comfortable flats to wear as you set up/break down an event. You will thank me later!

Chargers: Technology is your most vital resource. Do not let your phone or laptop die!

Book: If you’re not working as you fly, a book is a great way to relax your mind from the pre/post-event craziness.

Notebook: It’s always good to have a notebook to take down notes or key learnings from the event while they are still fresh in your mind.

Lipstick: I’m a firm believer that lipstick can pull you together quicker than coffee. Make sure you always have a go-to shade in your bag. Mine is Mademoiselle by Chanel.

What do you always store in your travel bag?


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