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iPhone Apps Every PR Girl Should Download

A PR pro is connected, organized and most importantly, informed. These are the iPhone apps I swear by to keep me on top of what’s new and what’s next.

Evernote: If you are a big list person like I am, Evernote is for you. You can put all your notes, voice recordings, text messages, photos and more into one place. You can also sync it to multiple devices so you can access all the notes you write on your computer on the go via your phone.

MailOnline: The Daily Mail is the best outlet to stay up to date on the latest celebrity news and Hollywood happenings. They always have the best coverage of award shows and events which is great for trend pitching for any fashion or beauty clients.

Twitter: Here’s a tip I always lend to those just starting out in public relations field: Creating a professional Twitter account is a must! The app is a great vehicle to monitor the news and follow and interact with key reporters and outlets to see what topics they are covering or interested in. It is also a helpful tip to use Twitter as a portfolio to tweet and retweet media coverage you secured for your clients! And if you are ever having a rough day, you can lighten things up by scrolling through some of Chrissy Teigen’s latest hilarious antics.

Google News/Google Alerts: It’s important to always be the first to know when an article runs mentioning your client, especially when a reporter does not give you a specific published date for an article. Google alerts are the best way to catch news. I always set google alerts for my clients, their competitors, and other key industry words I want to track.

Instagram: A big part of our scope of work as PR pros is connecting our clients with influential bloggers to partner with on campaigns and collaborations. Bloggers are a huge asset when it comes to building brand recognition and social buzz and the best place to find influencers that fit with your client’s offering is Instagram.

theSkimm: Many people know about The Daily Skimm, the free daily newsletter delivered to your inbox each AM, but theSkimm app is their newest venture that I can’t get enough of. Each weekday, you get the news you need to know to start your day with witty and engaging copy that makes the news simple and easy to digest. It also provides audio versions so you can listen to it while getting ready or on your morning commute. It has calendar integration and updates your Apple calendar to make sure you never miss important events in politics, sports or entertainment.

What apps do you find handy?

Three Keys for Building Media Relationships


A well organized and up-to-date media list is a PR pro’s bible! Proper contacts and editor relationships are the foundation to a successful public relations program. Knowing where to start and if you have the correct contacts can be hard and time consuming. I have highlighted a few tips below for creating media lists and ways to start making those relationships.

Use Resources

•  Referencing print publication’s mastheads is a great place to start. A masthead is a printed list that provides everyone’s title and name who contributed to the publication. For online, some websites will list a contact page or an about section that includes writer’s titles and names. Another good way to find contacts is by reading articles to identify an editor’s beat.

•  Double check titles and corresponding publications by finding the contact on social media or LinkedIn. Editors move around a lot, so this is a must!

•  One of my favorite resources is free and easy. Try giving publications a phone call!

Stay Up-to-Date

•  As in most fields, writers, editors, and freelancers are constantly moving jobs and positions. Keeping up with all the moves can be tricky. The best way to stay on track by tuning to The Daily Media and Fashion Monitor.

Make Personal Connections

•  Editors get pitched a million times a day about various topics. So what makes them open your email? Besides having a relevant pitch and a catchy headline, having a personal relationship with them goes a long way! Start networking with media early on and don’t just target high ranking editors. Assistants are usually helpful and a place to start. They are more likely to take you up on the offer and can provide great insight on the publication. These individuals may be starting their career but are likely to be an impactful influencer in the next few years.

•  A great way to start creating those relationships is by emailing editors that live in your area and asking them to grab a coffee or a drink. Attending industry events is also a great way to meet people.

What are you tips for building strong professional relationships?


Tricks of the Trade: Event Planning Hacks


Lately, my workload has been largely focused on planning fun spring events for clients. While it might be one of my favorite parts of the job, I have definitely learned a few tips and tricks resulting from unexpected event mishaps along the way. Here’s my go-to list to ensure that the event goes smoothly and is one for the books!


Provide Options
When presenting event elements to the client, whether it be the venue for the party or the template for the invite, providing a few different options with varying pricing and aesthetic is key. That way they can choose their favorite, and you didn’t put all of your eggs in one basket!

Add Excitement
This may seem obvious, but one thing that I think sets Skirt apart from the rest is our creativity and knack for adding unforgettable on-site elements at the events that we plan. My personal favorite was the fashion illustrator that attended last month’s Hush Puppies’ blogger brunch; she provided custom illustrations for each guest. They were an awesome, custom takeaway that sparked post-event buzz and social engagement!

Create a Checklist
There are so many details that go into an event. From coordinating florals to making sure there is a vegetarian option served on menu, the list sometimes seems endless. I always make a handwritten checklist, sorted by week, of things that I need to accomplish for the event. It ensures that I’m covering all of my bases throughout the planning process!

Be Mindful of the Brand
Half the battle when event planning is keeping the brand or client’s voice top of mind when coordinating each element. This can also be the fun part, as it challenges you to be creative and tell the brand’s story in a new and interesting way. No matter the client, it’s so important to make sure that guests at the event have a feel for the brand and leave wanting to learn more!

What do you like to experience at an event?


Smartphone Apps Every #PRGirl Should Download


The CNN App: It’s important to me to always have a general sense of what’s going on in the world, no matter if I have one minute to read it or 10. (Katelyn)

*HUB App: To keep me organized and also know what my fiancé’s schedule is, we both have Hub which allows us to sync our calendars and make to-do lists. (Chapin)

 The Starbucks App: … Because every #PRGirl (or at least this one!) needs a daily caffeine fix and who doesn’t like to get rewarded for their addiction with free drinks? (Lauren Donovan)

 The Women’s Wear Daily App: It is important to stay on top of industry news and trends. (Brittany)

 Flipagram: One of my favorite apps to use for social campaigns, this app creates a digital “flip book” that’s fun for special announcements, runway shows, and event recaps! (Dana)

Wunderlist: The best to-do list app I’ve found – you can create a variety of lists and rank items as you please. It helps me keep my office tasks, shopping list, and random personal to-dos organized in one place. It also syncs to my iPad and laptop which is amazing! (Casey)

What are your favorite apps?


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