The Summary

Skirt PR assisted with a year-long campaign to bring awareness to power toothbrushes and whitening products found at mass retailers like Target, Amazon and Walmart. Skirt partnered with influencers on a variety of work: from content creation and reviews, to paid posting and boosted content.


The Strategy

Skirt coordinated all partnerships, including all conceptive and creative for the influencers hitting peak seasons or trends like wedding season, back-to-school and holiday.

Bragging Rights

Throughout the year, Skirt secured 42 partnerships with different categories of influencers across multiple campaigns and retailers. In addition to paid partnerships, Skirt seeded 185 partners products as well. Our highest performing partner on TikTok produced a video that garnered over 4.2M views and 462k likes – which was truly organic performance (no boosting behind it)!