In My Bag: Katelyn’s Diaper Bag



My handbag du jour these days? A diaper bag … and a backpack, no less. Motherhood has changed me in countless ways, and in some respects, it’s hard not to think that my daughter has completely taken over my life (and my belongings). That said, I try to intersperse glimpses of myself amid the chaos that is her day-to-day necessities. Here is a VERY small sampling of what’s overflowing out of my diaper bag.

Fawn Design diaper bag
After seeing various bloggers sport this on my Instagram feed, I decided to go for it. It’s hands-down the chicest diaper bag I have found, and while I wish it was a little larger, the added cool factor the design has makes up for it.

Babyganics Hand Sanitizer
OK, hear me out: Even if you’re not a mom, you need this. Pre-baby, I used to carry around a hand sanitizer I likely picked up from a 7-11 that reeked so potently of alcohol that I’m not sure how I ever used it. This Babyganics version is foamy (no awful sticky feeling) and free of alcohol (no terrible smell). Its extra gentle, plant-based formula won’t dry out your hands. The best!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Larabar
I’m a serial snacker, and if I’ve got my daughter with me, it’s a toss-up as to whether or not I’ve personally had a solid meal in the last three hours. Larabars became a pantry staple while I was avoiding dairy and soy (they’re vegan and soy-free!), and now I can’t quit ‘em.

MAC lipstick in “Diva
I typically have about 10 lipsticks on me in my *normal* purse. Since the baby bag requires consolidation, I toss in one shade for an instant facelift when I’m on mom duty. Currently in rotation? A brooding Bordeaux from MAC.

Lamaze plush moose toy
My daughter loves a moose that we’ve named Matilda. This prized possession is saved for outings or car rides, and if I’m honest, is often snapped to a ring on the outside of my bag. #momlife

Baby Aquaphor
I’m an Aquaphor junkie, so it’s not surprise my daughter is being raised to live that life. From a diaper cream to dry skin and scrapes, we use this for any skin situation she has. Plus, mama can put it to her 1,000 uses, too!

Baby Gap love stripe pleat dress
An outfit change is just as essential as diapers. (For inquiring minds: My diaper bag is usually stuffed with Honest or Pampers Swaddlers.) This is sitting in my shopping cart, and I can’t wait to see C rock it.


Molly’s Winter Wish List


With a winter getaway on the books and a resolution to finally nail down an all-encompassing skincare routine, I’ve got a few things on my wish list I’ve been eyeing lately.

Marble One-Piece Swimsuit
My family is headed to Bonita Springs, Florida next month so a new swimsuit is in order. I’ve been wanting to make the switch to one-pieces for a few seasons, so I’m taking the plunge with this classic black one.

Sunday Riley Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment
Confession: I purchased this product when I was 22 and didn’t see the change I was hoping for, but I’ve heard too many rave reviews to not give it a second chance. Round two, here we go!

A steady hand is a must when snapping photos for my clients’ social profiles. The Skirt Social team is loving these little gadgets and they’re available in endless colors and patterns.

Gold Floor Lamp
Sprucing up my apartment is also on my to-do list this year. This gold floor lamp will give me some much-needed lighting in my living room.

Andrea Round Toe Pumps
I’m more of a flats girl, so these low-heeled, lace-up pumps were an easy compromise for me. I could easily wear them to the office or to brunch on the weekends.

What about you? What have you been pining after lately?


Chicago Love: Eden Awaits


I set high hopes of eating healthier this year, but I’m not quite ready to part with happy hour. Enter: Eden. This chic new addition to downtown Chicago’s restaurant scene serves up fresh Mediterranean and American cuisine using produce from their own greenhouse — even their hand-crafted cocktails are infused with farm-fresh flavors!


Aside from offering a range of delicious dishes and drinks, Eden’s décor is the update your Instagram feed has been waiting for. From white-washed walls to marble accents and an outdoor mural inspired by its lush green interiors, the restaurant offers photo ops before you even walk through the door!

Call up your coworkers — your next happy hour awaits!

What’s your favorite spot to grab post-work drinks?


Chapin’s Latest Favorites


love and lemons cook book (2)

Reading: Love & Lemons Cookbook
I am currently in a month-long veggie challenge that my cousin organized. The goal is to eat five servings of vegetables a day. With that being said, I am on the search for yummy veggie-inspired recipes. I have found a lot of them in this cookbook and website! #VegUpChallenge


Watching: “Designated Survivor”
I was a huge fan of “24” and Jack Bauer, so I had to check out this show. While it is not “24,” it definitely leaves you in suspense and wanting more. I am excited to see what happens in the season premiere in March!

Listening: “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” by Zayn and Taylor Swift
In anticipation of the new “Fifty Shades of Darker” movie coming out, this song is everywhere. This will be on my playlist for the next few weeks.



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