Style Crush: Keeping Up With Kendall


Kendall Jenner is killing it these days and I *love* it. I know, I know … I can’t believe I’m admitting this either. But, Kenny has come a long way from her humble beginnings on E!, and I can’t ignore her swag any longer. Her style is simple with a splash of personality and her hair and makeup looks are always on point. From red carpets to the runway (both fashion and airport), I’ve been keeping up with Kendall’s style and really like what I see.


This might be my favorite outfit a Kardashian/Jenner has ever worn. This Elie Saab number combines a few of my favorite things: matching sets, mixed textures, and a cool neutral color palette. I’m also really into the casual hairstyle with such a glam ensemble.


This look is right in my wheelhouse: basics with a twist. Total model off-duty goals.


Kendall has a knack for finding dresses that look like they were made for her. Exhibit A: this Versace printed wrap.


Vintage Chanel in the perfect shade of pink. Need I say more?


Maybe it’s the early 2000s tween in me, but I’m kind of obsessed with the t-shirt and giant hoops. The Yeezy boots add a modern vibe (and confirm that the family that slays fashion together, stays together.)

What star has pleasantly surprised you with her style lately?


Hair’s To You, Alli Webb


I’ve always been obsessed with innovative ideas and entrepreneurial spirt. Along the way, I learned that many entrepreneurs are successful after finding a solution within their current industry. Alli Webb of Drybar is a perfect example of this. Starting out as stylist and stay-at-home mom, she has made a multimillion-dollar business out of just blowouts. Here is why she is the ultimate girl boss:

She found her niche:
Alli discovered a need women had for simply having their hair styled (and not cut).  She decided to own this and made them affordable and accessible for everyone.

It started as a family affair: She leaned on her marketing expert brother to start the business and used her ad executive husband to develop the creative assets. She was also able to acknowledge when the business grew too big for her and hired a CEO to run the company.

She expanded wisely: Alli recognized the room for expansion beyond the salons. Since opening, Drybar now has its own line of tools, liquid products, and even a book!



What’s In My Bag: Casey’s Winter Essentials


My bag is all about practical necessities, especially during the colder months. In addition to an extensive selection of lip balms, warm gloves and cozy hat, these are the items I can’t leave home without.

Ouai Dry Shampoo Foam
I’m a huge fan of Jen Atkin and her brand, Ouai Haircare, is one of the most represented lines in my (overstocked) beauty collection. When they announced their new Dry Shampoo Foam, I immediately opened my Sephora app and placed an order. Two days later, I was in love. I’ve tried a range of dry shampoos over the years and this one beats them all; it not only erases oil and product build-up, but adds INSANE volume. I’m patiently waiting for the travel size version but until then, this has a permanent place in my purse for hat hair touch-ups.

NARS Velvet Lip Glide in Bound
This is the perfect product for anyone with dry lips who prefers matte finishes over a standard gloss. These are hydrating, longwearing and dry super-fast — the ideal combo! I love this neutral shade for both day and night.

Rose Quartz Corkcicle Canteen
Major alert: Hydration is essential. This stainless steel canteen keeps my water ice cold, whether I’m out running errands or posted up at my desk. Plus, it’s the perfect shade of blush pink.

Aveda Rosemary Mint Composition Oil
I can’t get enough of this calming oil! Dab a bit on your neck, wrists or temples for a quick fix when that midday headache hits.

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides
My testy skin has gone from “oh, no…” to “yes, glow!” since I started adding 1-2 scoops of this into my morning smoothie. This powder offers a boost of collagen, which helps keep skin, hair and nails healthy — pretty great, right? I’m officially hooked and always make sure to carry extras for my coffee at the office. If I’m not a big enough celeb fan for you, Jennifer Aniston swears by it, too.

What are your winter must-haves?


Style Crush: Leandra Medine of “Man Repeller”


There is nothing I admire more than someone who exudes complete confidence through their personal style. In my eyes, the Man Repeller herself, Leandra Medine represents this like no other fashionista in the game. She has this magic ability to take individual pieces and find a million different ways to wear them. That is the genius of the Man Repeller, and these are just a few of my favorite Leandra moments.


Denim on denim, a floor length trench coat and casual sneakers. Only Leandra can make this chic enough for Fashion Week.


I am officially wearing a moto jacket over my wedding dress. Done and done.


I can always get behind a good beanie moment. Also, the bright accessories perfectly enhance this casual look taking it to the next level.


Why not pair a silk maxi with your favorite flannel? She proves that you can make ANYTHING appropriate for everyday wear, even the black-tie dress you bought for your cousin’s wedding that is sitting in the back of your closet right now.


I leave you with one of my all-time favorites – Distressed and re-dressed denim with an oversized sweater and a gold, monogrammed chain, just because.



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