We’ve got all of our fingers on the pulse here at Skirt, so each week we’re rounding up a few of the news stories we can’t stop chatting about.

Instagram moves to improve your feed:
Could you finally start seeing posts in chronological order again on the ‘Gram? We covered the company’s announcement on the blog earlier this week.

LinkedIn users have spoken, these are the top 50 companies in the U.S.:
“From Starbucks to Spotify, the 2018 LinkedIn Top Companies represent the companies where professionals most want to work across the U.S. — based on the actions of LinkedIn’s more than 546 million professionals (over 146 million in the U.S. alone).”

Legendary photographer Bill Cunningham left behind a memoir:
“The beloved fashion and society photographer Bill Cunningham, who worked for The New York Times for nearly 40 years, left behind an enormous archive valued at $1 million. He also, his family discovered with some surprise upon his death in 2016, left a written memoir.”

Starbucks is spearheading the pay equality movement:
“In a significant milestone for American companies, Starbucks announced Wednesday it has achieved complete gender and racial equity for employees performing similar work in the country.”

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