Social Superstars: Katelyn’s Beauty Inspiration


Something about spring always marks a return to my ongoing obsession with makeup. I’m a product junkie and not a day goes by where I’m not on the hunt for a new makeup look to try or a new Sephora purchase to make. (Which means a never-ending stream of UPS deliveries – sorry, husband.) In honor of perking up your beauty routine for the new season (and maybe learning a thing or two!), here are a few of my go-to Instagram resources:


Deepica Mutyala is a beauty guru and former Birchbox staffer who recently launched her own brand. I remember seeing her spotlighted on Birchbox’s Instagram and loving her makeup tips, so when I realized she went solo, she was an obvious must-follow. From her infamous dark under eye circle concealer tutorial (it involves red lipstick – gasp!) to contouring tricks, Deepica will easily become your go-to beauty pro.


Go ahead and click through to her Instagram. Need I say more? Sazan is STUNNING, and her makeup is so #onpoint, it’s out of this world. I love that this fashion and beauty blogger rocks a variety of beauty looks (think full-out glam to neutral and sultry), so I’m never at a loss for inspiration.  Her flawless, glowing skin will keep you entranced for DAYS.


Had to send some love to a local Chicago makeup artist! We’ve worked with Shannon O’Brien on various endeavors and her talent is sometimes best seen on one particular canvas: herself! The eye candy on her feed goes from an everyday pop to completely avant-garde, but you can always count on being mesmerized by her brows. Plus, I love that she calls out the products she uses in her captions! Super helpful for a shopaholic like me.

Who do you turn to for beauty advice?

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