‘Tis The Season to Get Organized


The holidays are a joyous time of the year! So why do we make it so stressful? Below are a few tips that I use to prepare for the holidays at work, so I have more time to spend celebrating with friends and family and not worrying about a flooded inbox!

TIP-1The key to not being overwhelmed is planning ahead. I like to add one or two tasks a day to my usual to-do list to help prepare for days away.

TIP-2In PR, tasks pop up last minute, so I strategize which tasks can get done ahead of time. This helps to leave time to deal with whatever comes unannounced.

TIP-3This tip might seem minor, but looking ahead at your calendar and rescheduling meetings is major! I hate to realize I need to reschedule a meeting while I am out of the office – it creates such an unnecessary rush to squeeze it in prior to leaving.

TIP-4Prioritize! Decide what is important on your list and work towards your nearest deadlines. The reality is that you can’t achieve everything. You need to decide what can wait until tomorrow and what’s due NOW!

TIP-5Identify goals and break them into small parts to achieve them. For example, my quarter goal might be to secure a Chicago press placement that includes an interview. I will then break that up into a holiday broadcast segment. Next, I go into my calendar and outline the days I need to pitch, follow up and call producers.

TIP-6Enjoy your time off and try not to think about the upcoming work you have when you get back. In order to return rejuvenated, you need to actually relax!

How do you tackle last-minute work tasks before the holidays?


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