Skirt Triks: How To Start Your Morning Right


  1. A good morning starts with a smart and organized end of the previous day. Create a to-do list for the following day, try to clear out your inbox, and clean up your desk so you can start the morning on a fresh foot. (Lauren Donovan)
  2. Choose what to wear the night before and lay it out for easy dressing! (Dana)
  3. Coffee! I always treat myself to a nice coffee if I know it is going to be a crazy day. I also drink lots of water to stay energized during the day. (Brittany)
  4. When you open up your inbox to a flood of notes from when you left the night prior, prioritize your responses to email – scan for any urgent media requests, and then tackle those from your boss or manager first, followed by media, client correspondence, and then finally, internal chatter. (Katelyn)
  5. Review your to-do list. I love it when I can check items off my list in the morning and then prioritize my day. (Chapin)
  6. Tackle the tedious from the get-go. Whether it’s an 11 a.m. meeting or an unexpected project that pops up, the morning can easily get away from you and lead to an afternoon scramble. For me, this means scheduling my clients’ social media posts for the day and ensuring the Skirt blog post has been published as scheduled. (Casey)


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