Smartphone Apps Every #PRGirl Should Download


The CNN App: It’s important to me to always have a general sense of what’s going on in the world, no matter if I have one minute to read it or 10. (Katelyn)

*HUB App: To keep me organized and also know what my fiancé’s schedule is, we both have Hub which allows us to sync our calendars and make to-do lists. (Chapin)

 The Starbucks App: … Because every #PRGirl (or at least this one!) needs a daily caffeine fix and who doesn’t like to get rewarded for their addiction with free drinks? (Lauren Donovan)

 The Women’s Wear Daily App: It is important to stay on top of industry news and trends. (Brittany)

 Flipagram: One of my favorite apps to use for social campaigns, this app creates a digital “flip book” that’s fun for special announcements, runway shows, and event recaps! (Dana)

Wunderlist: The best to-do list app I’ve found – you can create a variety of lists and rank items as you please. It helps me keep my office tasks, shopping list, and random personal to-dos organized in one place. It also syncs to my iPad and laptop which is amazing! (Casey)

What are your favorite apps?


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