Work That Skirt!: Natalie Clark


Skirt the rules: To avoid the rules without breaking them.
To do things in a new, creative way. 
We like the sound of that.
Each month, we catch up with women who manage to balance
coveted careers with daily life, all while looking fabulous.

Tell us how you styled your skirt!
This is my favorite skirt; it has a lot of memories. It’s old-school DVF (2008 or so). I used to work there and got it at one of the sample sales. At the time, it was super exciting for me to get something this lux as I had just rolled out of the college and interning era. I love it because although it’s ruffly, the leather cuts through the “girly” and adds a touch of bad-ass. In retrospect, it’s probably getting a little too short for me, but I just can’t quit it! The tee and jacket are from Vince. Shoes are Prada; bag is Marc by Marc Jacobs and the shark tooth necklace is from a souvenir shop in Cape Cod.

Describe an ideal afternoon.
My ideal afternoon is either one of two things: An 80-degree day on a rooftop that looks out over Manhattan with a gathering of interesting, eclectic and nice people…my family and friends! Or, that same gathering of people and same weather, on a dock at Lake Okoboji, Iowa.

A foolproof beauty trick that you’re willing to share:
I don’t know if this is a trick, but as far as beauty regimes goes, I would say: Find a fragrance you love. Your scent is so important and one I feel is often neglected. Remember how your mom smelled when she got ready to go out on Saturday nights? My mom wore this obscure fragrance by Alfred Sung and when I smell it now, it transports me back to the awe of looking up at her all dressed up and spectacular when I was a little girl. There is something magical about that, and I’m currently working on it.

The best part of your job:
The people. The best part of everything is always the people.

In your eyes, the three keys to success are:
1. Being proud of what you make all day.
2. Leaving things better than when you came across them.
3. Staying unaffected.



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