Two #Girlbosses Are Better Than One


Every morning (weekends included!) I peruse my two favorite sites to get inspiration for my professional and personal life. Those websites, Byrdie and Who What Wear, among others, were created by Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power. These women are taking charge of the digital space and are amazing role models for women online and off. Here are a few ways they are leading the charge:

They take risks: Both Kerr and Power were employed at some of the top fashion publications, including ELLE, before they decided to leave and pursue their own personal ventures. Although many people would think leaving a position at a top magazine was crazy, these ladies knew that there was more waiting for them if they took the plunge on their own.

They stay busy: Although Clique Media Group might be enough for most, Kerr and Power have a lot more in their wheelhouse these days. From a successful collaboration with Target to managing some of the most successful bloggers out there, these ladies get it done.

They strive to empower: It’s always great to see successful women look to help others find their way and Kerr and Power do just that. From speaking at conferences such as Create & Cultivate, to writing books that are chock-full of career advice, Kerr and Power definitely share the wealth.

What dynamic duo inspires you to be a #GirlBoss?


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