Lauren’s Marathon Playlist

I recently signed up for the Chicago Marathon in October and although I don’t officially start training until June, I’ve been trying to stick with running every day so that I’m not starting at zero when June comes along. An hour long run can get kind of boring so I figured it was the perfect time to start Spotify premium; I really don’t know how I ever lived or ran without it! Here are a few of my favorite songs to run to right now…

“September” – Earth, Wind and Fire
“September” by Earth, Wind and Fire is a long-time family favorite. I can’t tell you how many times I was woken up to this song on the weekend way back in high school but really it never gets old. I love this song for runs because it’s so nostalgic for me – plus, it’s great feel-good song.

“Sweet Disposition” – The Temper Trap
This is another oldie that I used to listen to before my soccer games in high school. It’s not really your typical pump-up song but I find it so comforting. It would calm my  nerves, and I’m sure I’ll need it before the big run on October 11th.

“Hold My Hand” – Jess Glynne
Every once in a while I check out Pandora radio to find new songs, and this is one that I discovered a few weeks ago. It’s so upbeat that I could listen to it while doing pretty much anything. It’s always a great pick me up song around mile four!

“Budapest” – George Ezra
I tend to run to the pace of my music so I like to throw a few relaxing songs into the mix for when I need to slow down a bit. “Budapest” by George Ezra is perfect for the part of my run when I settle into a slower pace because it’s still upbeat enough to keep my mind off how many more miles I have to go.

“Mine” – Phoebe Ryan
I always save this song for the final stretch of my run. It gives me that extra boost that I need to finish the last mile or so and ends my run on a great note even if my legs are burning in pain. ☺

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