Playlist: Isabella’s Walk to Work

Now that it is finally nice out (well, at least some days…) I like to take advantage of the weather and skip the bus commute. Walking to and from work helps me to energize and de-stress, especially when accompanied by an amazing playlist.

“Angel From Montgomery (Live from Austin, TX)” – Susan Tedeschi
I love Susan Tedeschi – this is a great song to start your walk. Bonus: she breaks into “Sugaree” by Grateful Dead at the end.

“Dreams” – Beck
This is a great pump-up song. It’s super fun and will get you in a good mood in no time.

“Friend of the Devil” – Grateful Dead
A classic, this song has the perfect walking tempo.

“Sing a Simple Song” – Sly and the Family Stone
Old-school funk that will have you feeling like you’re walking straight into the weekend.

“Uptown Funk” – Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars
Is it weird I still like this song?


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