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Skirt Triks: To-Do List Tips

Here at Skirt, we think of a to-do list as a favorite little black dress. We all have one, and it’s fabulous, but it’s personal to our taste and style. Today we’re sharing some of our tips & tricks for crafting a productive to-do list.



Skirt Triks: Our Favorite Email Newsletters


With the variety of news coming to us every day, it’s nice to take a minute and read the headlines that we can connect with. Whether you’re looking for top news with sassy headlines or a brief breakdown on social media trends, we’re suggesting our top four favorite email newsletters you want in your inbox.

The Skimm
The Skimm is an email newsletter that condenses all the technical details of the day’s news and couples it with a witty tone so that you can simply “skim” for what you’re interested in. Instead of a newsletter that could be filled with dense material, The Skimm women transform your morning new to a much more interesting and relatable read with the additions of Mean Girls quotes, pop culture references, and hashtags. What could be better?

Media Bistro and Social Times
Media Bistro and Social Times are excellent resources for getting the latest on all things social media, advertising, and public relations. From videos to infographics to event postings, you won’t fall short on how to stay on top of your social media game.

The Lunch Read
Why not make good use of your lunch break and sign up to get curated content? The Lunch Read combines entertainment news, essentials and thought-provoking articles throughout the week for seriously good de-brief.

What are your favorite email newsletters?


Skirt Triks: 5 Ways To Start Your Morning Off Right


  1. Take your time. Instead of snoozing through several alarms and rushing out the door at the last possible second, give yourself an extra 15 minutes to check Instagram, watch this hilarious YouTube video, or make your iced coffee at home.
  2. Create a morning playlist. Regardless of how you get to work, an energizing soundtrack is essential. We have a few suggestions here. (Note: Every playlist is better with Beyoncé).
  3. Tackle big projects first. After you’ve checked your email and taken care of any time-sensitive tasks, get started on the most daunting item on your to-do list. It’s easy to convince yourself to go for smaller projects first, but trust us, you’ll feel much better crossing one major thing off your list by lunch time.
  4. Refresh at your desk. Coffee is great but nothing beats a glass of ice cold H2O. Keep a water bottle (we like these by BKR) at the office and start sipping ASAP.  Accessorize it with lemon or cucumber slices.
  5. Smile! No, seriously – this is one cliché we can’t argue with. Starting the day with a smile and a positive attitude will inspire you (and everyone around you) to make the most of your day.

What’s your morning routine?


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