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Tricks of the Trade: Five Must-Haves For Your Desk


Considering most of us spend the majority of our lives at a desk (scary!), it quickly becomes a personal habitat. As such, I’m made a point to ensure it’s outfitted with a few of my most important necessities.

A notebook you want to write in: I’m a self-proclaimed paper junkie, a fact that’s evident by the abundance of paper goods on my desk. At the top of the list is a selection of playful notebooks. Minnie & Emma knocks these out of the park. I’m a personal fan of the banana leaves spiral notebook (hello, you can monogram it!) but I also love this striped version and this cute “Hello” notepad.

Blotting papers for time-sensitive touch-ups: Whether it’s simply a hot day or you’re stressed, oil can often appear as a not-so-fun addition to your 9-to-5 line-up. I opt for a charcoal sheet like the boscia Black Charcoal Blotting Linens but am also a fan of Sephora’s line (this one is rose-scented!).

A cheeky tumbler: If you haven’t heard, hydration is key. In order to be sure I’m consuming my 64 ounces a day, I rely on this Ashley Brooke Designs tumbler, a recent gift to our Skirt team. Plus, it also reminds me to stay in it to win it!

A versatile lipstick: Sometimes I go all out with color, but other days, I just need something simple and reliable. I always have a variety of lip shades in stock, but a go-to is a rosy pink chubby stick. Try Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm in “Elusive.”

A serious snack stash: My husband famously makes fun of my constant need to eat (you don’t want to experience my h-anger). Because of this, my desk is stocked with snacks. A subscription service like NatureBox maintains my snacking habit with ease with a monthly subscription of tasty and nutritious eats. A few favorites are Honey BBQ Crunch, Jalapeno Cashews, and Asiago & Cheddar Cheese Crisps.

What will you always find at your desk?



Skirt Triks: How To Be A Standout Intern


With many universities wrapping up finals and sending students off for the summer, internships are top of mind for both coeds and companies. We have had some seriously amazing interns over the years (including several of our current team members!) and wanted to shed a little light on what we believe sets you apart:

Take initiative. The clichés are true: PR is a fast-paced industry. Finished a task and haven’t been directed on next steps? Take the day into your own hands and go beyond what you’ve been asked to do. Something as simple as read up on the latest industry news and sharing interesting tidbits with your manager can really set you apart.

Be vocal and share your creativity. As an intern, you aren’t expected to know it all – so don’t be afraid to ask questions! If you aren’t sure what your manager has asked you to do, it’s much better to clarify right away rather than spend the entire day on a project that will have to be redone in the end.

Be willing to dive into additional projects. To borrow a rule from improv comedy, just say “yes, and…” Unless your academic responsibilities prohibit you from working an event, acting as a stand-in during a TV segment, or staying late to finish compiling a client mailer, take each task as an opportunity to learn and make an impression.

Be positive and engaging. Simply coming into the office with a smile on your face and making conversation with your manager (and other staff members when possible) makes you shine!

Have questions about what we look for in interns? Tweet us @SkirtPR!


Skirt Triks: Tips for a Midday Recharge


Regardless of what’s on our schedule for the day, there are a few essentials we count on to keep us feeling fresh and on top of our game.  Whether you’re a college student posting up in the library for a long night of studying or a fellow #PRGirl with a jam-packed to-do list, here are our five simple tricks for overcoming the midday hump:

  1. Keep lemon, cucumber and mint in the fridge and add to your ice water for an instant detox.
  2. Pop outside for a few and check something off your personal to-do list. Make a hair appointment, shoot your friends a text just because, or catch up on Instagram. Fresh air is always a good idea.
  3. Switch up your desktop background for a quick workspace update. We can always count on DesignLoveFest for great options.
  4. Treat. Yo. Self. Indulge in a sweet treat like champagne gummy bears or pretzels covered in white chocolate & sprinkles.
  5. Take a Buzzfeed quiz. (For the record, we’re a Rachel who belongs in Paris.)

How do you refresh during a busy day?


Skirt Triks: How To Start Your Morning Right


  1. A good morning starts with a smart and organized end of the previous day. Create a to-do list for the following day, try to clear out your inbox, and clean up your desk so you can start the morning on a fresh foot. (Lauren Donovan)
  2. Choose what to wear the night before and lay it out for easy dressing! (Dana)
  3. Coffee! I always treat myself to a nice coffee if I know it is going to be a crazy day. I also drink lots of water to stay energized during the day. (Brittany)
  4. When you open up your inbox to a flood of notes from when you left the night prior, prioritize your responses to email – scan for any urgent media requests, and then tackle those from your boss or manager first, followed by media, client correspondence, and then finally, internal chatter. (Katelyn)
  5. Review your to-do list. I love it when I can check items off my list in the morning and then prioritize my day. (Chapin)
  6. Tackle the tedious from the get-go. Whether it’s an 11 a.m. meeting or an unexpected project that pops up, the morning can easily get away from you and lead to an afternoon scramble. For me, this means scheduling my clients’ social media posts for the day and ensuring the Skirt blog post has been published as scheduled. (Casey)


Skirt Triks: How to Build Your Résumé in College


College is all about making the most out of your experience through classes, extracurricular activities, and having fun along the way. The key to tackling everything is balance – not sure if you can fit a full-time internship between classes? There are plenty of other ways to build your résumé while still in school:

Write…wherever, whenever
Blogging is a great way to hone your writing skills outside of an academic setting. It doesn’t matter if you have five followers or 5,000 – the content is what counts. However, if you are interested in the social media side of PR, focus on growth and make an effort to engage with other bloggers, brands, and media outlets through Twitter and Instagram. Call out your growth on your résumé to showcase your success.

Join an on-campus club
Whether it’s diving deeper into your major and joining PRSSA or giving back through a service organization, find something that excites you and stick with it. Not only will this look great on your résumé, you’ll gain experience in working with different types of people – an invaluable asset for any aspiring #PRGirl.

Become a WhatRUWearing College Ambassador
Are you a style-setter? Love fashion? Share the love on campus! The WhatRUWearing Campus Ambassador opportunity is a great way for you to network with a variety of campus organizations and gain insight on how to launch a product to a targeted demographic. You’ll assist with planning events and publicizing the WhatRUWearing app and brand through social media and networking. (Interested? Email for more info!)


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