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Style Crush: Olivia Palermo

I’ll be the first to admit I have a serious Palermo problem. When it comes to a style muse – be it makeup looks, hair-spiration, and fashion picks – Oliver Palermo is my go-to gal. Her clean lines and classic silhouettes create sophisticated, yet structured looks that I absolutely swoon for. The best part? They aren’t too over-the-top and seem relatable (in a yes-I-still-know-I’m-not-a-socialiate-and-can’t-really-master-this-but-I’ll-try way). Here are some of the OP’s recent everyday stunners that I’m seriously digging:


I mean, I really can’t even talk about how incredible this is. OP in monochromatic peplum? Sign. Me. Up.


I’m not sure who else could make chambray and leather leggings look so effortlessly chic.


On anyone else, a textured neutral skirt and slouchy pullover would seem sloppy. Here, it’s blissfully chic.


Debunking the myth that black can only mean boring, Olivia strikes again.


A slender shoe pairs with a draping skirt and utilitarian elements for pure genius.

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