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Christine’s Wish List

We can’t be the only ones who love seeing what items other people are lusting over, right? Today, executive office director Christine Bosnjak gives us a glimpse at ten items that are currently on her wish list:

1) Dana Rebecca Diamond Bar EarringsI’ve been searching for the perfect pair of bar earrings, and these are definitely it! I do have a birthday coming up…

2) Yayoi Forest Black Diamond Ring: I want everything from Catbird (who doesn’t?), and this ring would be a nice start.

3) Madewell SatchelI spent an hour admiring this bag at Madewell; you can even personalize it with your initials. Love!

4) Madewell DressA wish list of mine would not be complete without multiple Madewell items. This dress would match the satchel well, no?

5) Zara ShoesI started an unhealthy and expensive addiction ever since I found out I could actually fit my size 11 feet into Zara shoes a few months ago. Since then, I’ve purchased three pairs of their heels, and I’d like to add these to that collection of shoes I never wear.

6) Jonathan Adler Letter PillowYes, another personalized initial item on my wish list. How much is too much to spend on a pillow?!

7) Taylor Swift: The Red TourI already have three-day tickets to Lollapalooza and will be attending The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, so what more do I need? Tickets to see Taylor Swift at Soldier Field in August, obviously. Let’s add a 12-year-old girl to my wish list so it looks like I’m just chaperoning.

8) VacationOne of the perks of working at Skirt is three weeks of vacation time. I’d love to spend some of those days lying on a beach in Croatia this summer!

9) Chanel Cap-Toe Ballerina FlatsThese are one of those items that will forever be on my wish list. Sigh.

10) Chandelier (or, just one of everything please?): Jayson Home is my own personal heaven; I could spend hours there just browsing. This chandelier is perfection.

Dana’s Wish List

We can’t be the only ones who love seeing what items other people are lusting over, right? Today, social media maven Dana Farber gives us a glimpse at ten items that are currently on her wish list:

1) Burberry Biker-Style Wellington Boots: I’ve secretly always wanted to let my inner “Sons of Anarchy” out with a pair of biker boots AND I always ruin my shoes in Chicago’s torrential downpours, so these seem pretty amazing!
2) 10-Season Box of “Friends”: While I can recite every line from every season of “Friends,” my DVD collection still does not feel complete without this box set. Could it BE any more amazing?!
3) Clarisonic Skin-Cleansing Brush: Every beauty blogger I stalk read is obsessed with this, and I’m nothing if not a follower.
4) Jonathan Adler Pisces Zodiac Pillow: I’m a huge horoscope buff, and I pretty much believe anything I read, so why not have a constant reminder of my gullibility on my couch?
5) The Original Barbie Doll: I remember when I was a little girl and my mom had custom Barbie clothes made for all my dolls, because the ones sold at Toys“R”Us were just not good enough. Plus, how amazingly fierce was old school Barbie before she met Ken? #singleladies
6) Cartier Love Bracelet: If my future husband is reading this, take note for our anniversary. If not, then Mom, have I told you how much I love you lately?
7) ’80s Purple Ray-Ban Wayfarers: So I can live out my lingering Andrew McCarthy in “Weekend at Bernie’s” fantasies.
8) $1,000,000 iTunes Gift Card: I hate the idea of illegally downloading music, but I also hate paying for my ridiculously large music library, so anyone who has a million dollars to spare is more than welcome to buy me an iTunes gift card.
9) Macarons: Just all the macarons.
10) A date with Leonardo DiCaprio circa “Romeo + Juliet”: Please and thank you.

What’s on your wish list right now?



Casey’s Wish List


We can’t be the only ones who love seeing what items other people are lusting over, right? Today, social media assistant Casey Gamber gives us a glimpse at ten items that are currently on her wishlist:

1) Sam Edelman Yara Chunky Heel Sandal: Believe it or not, despite being a serious shopaholic and quintessential girly-girl, I’m not a huge shoe person. But these two-toned, embellished stunners are the epitome of my taste: They’re simple but pack a punch. 

2) Beyonce Mrs. Carter VIP tickets: Isn’t this on everyone’s wish list? Especially now that Bey is supposedly pregnant–seeing her shakin’ it and belting out “Countdown” with a bun in the oven is something I’ve gotta see to believe. If I can’t get my hands on tickets, I have a back-up plan. I’ve had multiple dreams about babysitting Blue Ivy and am willing to make them come to life at the United Center.

3) Banzai Drop Zone Water Slide: I mean, do I even need to explain? I’d love to spend my weekends in my parents’ yard, blasting some tunes, sliding down this bad boy! Plus, it’d give me some street cred with the neighborhood kids, which never hurts.

4) Maya Brenner Ohio necklace: It’s not the prettiest state, but I love it! I went to school in Cincinnati and would be proud to rock this necklace every day.

5) Pandora Sincerity ring: I’m a sucker for mother of pearl, so this ring caught my eye on Instagram recently. I haven’t spent more than $10 on a ring since I was a junior in high school* but this Pandora ring makes me want to!

*I fell asleep with two rings on one night and woke up at 5 a.m. with both stuck on my finger. Yes, I tried lotion. Yes, I tried hot water. Yes, I tried cold water. My dad even tried pliers. But, I ended up in the ER, in my pajamas, having my rings cut off with a can opener-like contraption. #memories

6) Ladurée keychain: How adorable is this keychain with a sweet little bow and three mini macarons? I don’t think these are even available anywhere (act fast, entrepreneurs!) but I know I’ll score one eventually.

7) Foley and Corinna FC Lady tote: Fashion + function = my ideal handbag. This Foley + Corinna tote meets both requirements and is chic to boot.

8) Tory Burch Donovan Jacket: I know it’s finally spring here in Chicago, but that doesn’t stop me from lusting over this Tory Burch jacket. I love the little details and Jackie O-esque cut of this piece. I’d wear with jeans, over a dress, around the house…pretty much anywhere and everywhere.

9) Oliver Peoples Jacey sunglasses: Whether it’s mid-December or the Fourth of July, if there’s even the slightest hint of sun, I’m rocking eyewear. These tortoise shell Oliver Peoples are my current favorite because they’re oversized but understated. Loves them!

10) Schwinn Lakeshore Cruiser: I’ve wanted a beach cruiser since I saw “Now and Then” back in middle school. Since then, I’ve gone through quite a few Schwinn’s but none as adorbs as this little cutie! Think they’d let me bring my cruiser on the Metra?

Whitney’s Wish List

We can’t be the only ones who love seeing what items other people are lusting over, right? Today, assistant account executive Whitney Read gives us a glimpse at ten items that are currently on her wishlist:

1) Hermes Belt: This I look at as an investment piece. Hermes is iconic and, in my opinion, a staple of sophistication – it will never go out of style and is something that I would wear for years. How cool would it be to pass a vintage Hermes belt onto your daughter or granddaughter? I wish my mom shopped with that in mind!

2) Ampersand as Apostrophe Large Aztec Parcel: Having worked with Ampersand for a short time, I can say from experience that the designer, Jessica Park, is a GENIUS! Each piece is handmade and constructed from unique materials like 100-year-old mailbags and buffalo hide. Also, depending on how you attach the strap, it can be worn five different ways. Five for the price of one? SOLD!

3) Cartier Rose Gold Love Bangle with Diamonds: I’m having a major rose gold moment right now and this Cartier bangle is something that I would never take off. All of the jewelry I wear can be dressed up or down and has a story! Flip through my Facebook and you’ll notice I never, ever take off my fave pieces!

4) Dana Rebecca Designs Yellow Gold Emily Meredith Ring: Let’s be honest here, I want every single thing on the DRD website, but I’ve had my eye on this ring for quite some time now! It’s simple and elegant and will never go out of style or look outdated.

5) Alexander Wang ALLA Wedges: Anyone that knows me knows that I have a shoe #OBSESSION! A) They never make you feel bloated; B) They set the tone for the entire outfit (close your eyes and envision yourself wearing dark skinnies and a black shirt with Tory Burch Revas, cute sandals, equestrian boots, sky high stillettos…see how it works?!); C) …Do I really need another reason?

6) Atelier Azza Dress from S/S 2013: Stunning, stunning, stuuuuuunning. I’m so proud that the designer is from Chicago and recently opened her flagship store in the Shops at Northbridge! If some poor sap ever decides to marry me (probably not after reading this list), my first call will be to Azeeza for the dress and the next call will be to my mom.

7) Membership to the East Bank Club: So, this one I’m checking off my ‘wish list’ because I just applied for a membership – if they’ll have me! Hope to see some of you at the pool this summer. Be sure to say hello!

8 ) Floral Subscription from H. Bloom: Nothing brightens a room like a fresh bouquet of flowers and a weekly delivery would be welcomed by this chick right here! H. Bloom does such an amazing job of using seasonal florals and greens to create modern and sophisticated arrangements for delivery. Peonies are my spring favorite :)

9) Wreck Creation Wood Wave Mirror: Although very different in some ways, my style is very much shaped by my mom’s and I can’t wait to have a home of my own to decorate. I absolutely l-o-v-e pulling together unique items that you wouldn’t expect to work. Neil is a local artist who uses reclaimed materials to create really beautiful furniture and wall art. This mirror would make an amazing focal point in any space!

10) Vespa: Beep beep!! Super cute and easy on fuel consumption. I would LOVE a Vespa to toodle around town on during the warm months.

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