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In My Bag: Lauren


I spent this entire fall on the hunt for the perfect red bag and finally found “the one” after a few glasses of champagne at a Coach event last month. The only catch? It is half the size of my usual handbag. Meaning…a (much needed) break for my back and a major edit of what I carry with me on a daily basis. Here’s what made the cut:

  1. Mason Pearson ‘Junior Mixture’ Hair Brush: One of my (very generous) girlfriends got me this life-changing brush for my honeymoon shower after watching me fawn over hers for years. Believe the hype, ladies. One brush through my day-old curls and they are perfectly soft, luscious and bouncy. Totally worth the splurge and precious purse real estate.
  2. Marc Jacobs Zip Clutch Wallet: I’ve had this wallet for years – it was one of the best Christmas gifts I’ve ever received, as I really, really wanted it. It is well loved but even with the wear and tear and abusive overstuffing, it still looks fantastic. To me, wallets are worth investing in as they are something you use day-in and day-out and can become a signature piece.
  3. Jouer “Grace” Hydrating Lipstick & Mac “Girl About Town” Amplified Crème Lipstick: Editing my lipstick collection was the hardest part of downsizing my bag. I previously carried around this adorable Jouer bag, filled to the brim with a color to suit every occasion. Forced to play favorites, I narrowed it down to two colors that never let me down. Jouer’s “Grace” lipstick is the most perfect coral red that is incredibly easy to wear. And Mac’s “Girl About Town” shade is a divinely deep pink that brightens up my entire face with one swipe.
  4. J.Crew Wool Fingerless Gloves: A must for an iPhone user, these make it easy for me to keep (somewhat) warm as we head into the blustery Chicago winter months but also stay connected. I’m planning to upgrade to this pair that has been specially treated to work with smartphone and tablet screens…totally brilliant.
  5. Fresh Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment: Truly obsessed with this lip balm and sometimes apply it an excessive 10+ times a day (no joke). It tastes divine, the color is subtle but lovely and it actually keeps my lips moisturized in this crazy dry weather. Won’t go anywhere without this guy!

What items are a must-have in your handbag?


In My Bag: Caryn

In lieu of the fact that I literally climbed on top of someone to snag a Philip Lim for Target handbag after begrudgingly showing up at 7:45 a.m. to tackle the masses, I thought I’d share what I keep in it. Because my purse is always full of a few secrets…and snacks.

  1. Jouer “Paint the town red” makeup bag: I. Love. Jouer. I love the people who run the company, I love the makeup (especially the lipsticks – shout-out to the “Whitney” and “Meg” shades), and I love this red makeup bag. It’s the perfect size for everything I toss in it, even though – let’s face it – only once in my lifetime have I ever reapplied makeup during the day.
  2. Indie Lee Blemish Stick: If you can’t live with blemishes, then you can’t live without this wonder wand. It’s so discrete – looks like a lip gloss but, TRICK, it’s for your blemishes! Whenever I feel one coming on, I dab a touch of this miracle fluid on top, and it’s gone within 24 hours.
  3. DIY Business Card Holder: I use this clear business card holder when I’m out on the town, slinging the Skirt PR name around. It’s totally en vogue right now from what I saw sitting in the front rows of shows last week Googled. I crafted it as part of my For the Makers monthly subscription box; it’s way cooler than anything I’ve tried to glue together.
  4. Lunch Pail: Dear Abby, help! Are the other girls at Skirt going to like me if I bring my lunch box to work every day? Indie Lee (the one and only) sent me this after I told her that I often find myself too busy to walk downstairs to get my lunch out of the fridge. So now, you can find the real hustlers at Skirt rocking the orange and red zip-up, complete with a freezer pack.
  5. Doggie Bones/T-shirts/Treats: My handbag is a doggie diaper bag masked as a purse. I’m just trying to be transparent. My dog, Bart, totally owns the landscape in there with his outfit changes, snacks and miscellaneous bones. If you really get him in a good mood, he’ll even jump in there himself.

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