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Chicago Love: Left Coast Food + Juice


Recently I was gifted with the best new neighbor I could have ever asked for.  Left Coast Food + Juice, the super trendy, West Coast-inspired healthy eatery, opened around the corner and has become my weekend ritual (and best friend) ever since. Not only does the Lakeview restaurant have an amazing airy setting and chic ambiance, but their specialty menu options are delicious and actually good for you.


I recommend stopping by on a Saturday or Sunday morning for brunch on its patio. Although often packed, the people watching and Hermosa Avocado toast, Chronic Wrap or Kale Mary smoothie (my personal favorites) make the wait totally worth it. (Insider tip: Order in advance to cut the lines!).

The best part? Left Coast makes you feel like you’ve been transported to a beach-side eatery, and who doesn’t love that?

What’s your favorite neighborhood eatery?


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City Guide: Southern Sweetness in Savannah


Traveling might be my favorite thing in the world – there is nothing more exciting than a new adventure in a new place. No matter how many cities I visit, Savannah, GA, will always hold a special place in my heart. There is something about this quaint, historic, Spanish moss-draped city that keeps me coming back every year. Here are a few of my Savannah favorites:

The Olde Pink House
You can’t go to Savannah without dining at The Olde Pink House. It is an old, 18th century colonial mansion that has been turned into a gorgeous restaurant (I mean, it’s pink, hello?!). If you’re looking for a delicious traditional Southern meal with a great atmosphere, I highly recommend making a reservation.

Forsyth Park  
Savannah has many beautiful parks and squares, but Forsyth Park seriously takes the cake. It is so peaceful and quiet – the perfect place to sit and relax under the trees with a glass of wine (did I mention Savannah is open container?!) Occasionally they will have live music, which makes it even more amazing.

The Paris Market
If you were to merge all of my favorite things together and put them in a store, the result would be the Paris Market. From fun little trinkets and breathtaking interior pieces to macarons and lattes, this adorable little store has it all. I feel like I’m walking into a storybook every time I go there – it always has the most amazing visuals and décor!

Leopold’s Ice Cream
The weather in Savannah can get hot. Really hot. Leopold’s Ice Cream shop is the perfect way to cool down after a long day of exploring the city. Leopold’s has been open since 1919 and makes all of its menu items from scratch. I swear it’s my favorite treat in the world! Order a chocolate chewies and cream – you won’t regret it!

Ghost Tours
OK, I know this sounds cheesy, but you absolutely must go on a walking ghost tour when you visit Savannah. I was doubtful at first, but it is incredible how much (spooky) history surrounds this city! I’m a bit of a history nut, so I find it so fascinating to learn what all of the buildings were used for in the 1800s. Trust me, they’re so fun. But be warned: These tours will further confirm that Savannah is in fact the most haunted city in the United States!

Have you ever visited Savannah? I’d love to hear some of your favorite spots!


Chicago Love: The Patio at Piccolo Sogno


With summer nights getting shorter by the minute, my husband and I are trying to make it to our favorite patios in the city. On a recent steamy evening, we decided to dine al fresco at Piccolo Sogno. When you arrive, be sure to request to sit outside so you can secure a spot! While the patio is pretty large, it fills up quickly. The tree covered patio was the perfect spot to have a bottle of wine and eat delicious Italian food.


The Caprese salad was the perfect starter to our pasta dishes. I enjoyed the shrimp linguini and my husband had the lamb ragu risotto special. Of course, we had to end the night with their ricotta cheesecake – yum! From the welcoming hostess to the attentive wait staff, the service is amazing. We will definitely be back before summer ends!

What patios are on your summer bucket list?


City Guide: Welcome to Atlanta


If small town charm isn’t your thing but you’re still itching to visit a new city in the South, Atlanta is the place to be. Full of hip dining, stylish shops, and outdoor activities, this sprawling metropolis is a must-visit. They don’t call it “Hotlanta” for nothing, so here are a few of my fave spots:

Although you might not associate Atlanta with trendy dining, the area has its fair share of contemporary new spots. One of my favorites is Beetlecat in Inman Park. With great seafood and a fun atmosphere, it’s a great spot. Be sure to visit the lower level for a post-dinner drink and enjoy the see-and-be-seen lounge.

A favorite of girls across the South, Luna is an adorable boutique that carries everything from local jewelry designers to your favorite denim brands. I love the mix of high-end pieces and affordable staples.

The Atlanta Beltline
Although it can get a bit warm, Atlanta has some awesome weather. To make the most of it you’ll definitely want to rent a bike or take a stroll on the Atlanta Belt Line. The pathway has great parks and stops along the way plus a view of the city that can’t be beat.

After you’ve been walking on the Beltline for a while, you might need a drink, or two. Located conveniently on the path is Ladybird, a lodge-themed bar with an amazing outdoor area. With lots of communal seating, it’s the perfect place to cozy up and meet a few locals.

What big city are you excited to visit?


Chicago Love: Aloha, Mahalo


I’m not much of a foodie and typically base my restaurant picks on the décor and ambiance. Deciding to celebrate my birthday last month at Mahalo in Bucktown was no exception. Each design detail made my heart skip a beat, from pineapple wallpaper to pink neon signs.


In addition to being the most Insta-worthy eatery I’ve ever visited, their menu did not disappoint. I indulged in a pina colada to start and instantly felt the #vacationvibes kick in. The Spicy Tuna Pokes were the perfect starter to lead into the delicious Big Island Burger.

Make plans with your girlfriends and visit this hot spot before summer ends (and give me a call so I can join you!)

Have you been to Mahalo yet?



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